Major Morgan is an acoustic band from Grove City, PA that plays an eclectic mix of classic rock, pop, country, and bluegrass.  Each member brings years of experience, their unique background and talent to the band.   

Tony Bellassai plays upright bass, Jane Gregg plays violin and fiddle, Kurt McNaught adds drums and percussion. This unique blend of wooden instrumentation led by the searing vocals of Morgan Pritchard renders a sound unmatched in the local music scene. 

Major Morgan is excited about their upcoming summer schedule with gigs at brewhouses, wineries, country clubs, and private parties. They bring a wide selection of music to each venue including titles by Santana, The Steeldrivers, Johnny Cash, Neil Young and other popular artists.  


Morgan Pritchard

After years of not following her true passion in life, Morgan Pritchard has finally come to her senses and is extremely happy to be the "front man" for Major Morgan. From Bowie to Broadway, she finds musical inspiration just about anywhere. As she likes to say, "I don't care what it is, as long as it's good." Currently, she is enjoying the "Rasta-Grass" feel to some of Major Morgan's newest songs. Land Down Under in Jamaica? Why not!?

Jane Gregg

So, Jane was asked to provide a band for a private party. Scheduling conflicts for her bands left her with only one alternative – form a new band. And so, Major Morgan was born! 
With over 40 years of playing violin, Jane incorporates her classical training into the many styles of music performed by Major Morgan.  She is no stranger to the stage, currently playing with Rock Jazz and Muddy Creek with Tony and formerly in Mandolin Whiskey with TC.  Jane makes a career of music by teaching at area colleges and performing with several orchestras.  She finds that playing in a band has been a great way to express creativity and practice her improvising skills. 

Tony Bellassai

I like country music. Countries like Tuva and Cuba. I like City music too. Motor City, Memphis, York, Kiev,  Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Khartoum, and New Delhi. The folks that live across the street Play Primus and Molly Hatchet so I guess you could say I like folks music too.

Kurt McNaught

The earliest memories of music Kurt has is listening to family records like Tijuana Brass, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, and Elton John.  Oh, and Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.  “I remember sitting on the floor and using my Lincoln Logs as drum sticks to play along with the drum solo on Elvis’s Aloha from Hawaii”.   
Upon graduating from Lincoln Logs, Kurt kept a busy schedule teaching private students, recording engagements, playing shows, conducting percussion ensembles, and gigs. 
Currently, Kurt teaches middle school music.